Our mission here at whatsthesitch.com is to thoroughly explore what the sitch is (an abbreviation for ‘situation’ for those of you who are not up to date on the sitch).

We track down sitches we feel are important to discuss, and then find our way through them. Ideally we will give a few options before reaching a conclusion on how to best deal with said sitch. 

We are not here to instruct you on how to deal with your sitch and we don’t claim to be any more knowledgeable about the sitch than the next person. We are merely building a database of sitch examples. On that note, if YOU have a sitch you feel is relevant we will gladly include it, pending review by our board of directors. 

A sitch can be confusing, a sitch can be frustrating, a sitch can drive a peaceful man to violence… don’t let one sitch get you down! Find out what the sitch is… 




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All of the site's amazing illustrations are by Luke Peterson.