Basic Sitch Format

Basic Sitch Format

The domain name is available for only $12.99 per year. What’s the sitch?

What kind of internet are we running here where a gem like hasn’t been utilized? 

Needless to say, when I saw it was available, I promptly bought the domain for a couple of years. That was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made in my young life, right up there with whether to do something about my overflowing laundry hamper (no) and whether to instead go to Chipotle again (yes). But once one has a domain they then have to make decisions on how to fill the space. That is where this sitch gets more complex. 

A blank page can be daunting. 

My first line of thinking was, what does the internet need? The obvious answer is more porn. But I do want to be a site with largely original content… I’ve never made a website, let alone a pornographic film, so that angle seems like sort of a lot to tackle. Maybe something a little simpler, without as much video editing, categorizing, lubricant expenses, etc. 

With that said, I have very few of the skills necessary to start any sort of website with any sort of content. 

But I can form complete sentences and can occasionally hammer out grammatically correct paragraphs. So a website based around writing seems more manageable than one based on filming people during intercourse. 

But what to write about? Probably something based on the domain name. That’s not always necessary, but it’s less confusing for people than something like, which is not a porn site, but rather, sells domain names, such as 

So a website with original written content about what the sitch is. 

I can wrap my head around that.


~ NJ


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Post-it Mobility