Coat Loop Durability

Coat Loop Durability

What’s the sitch with the little loop in your coat meant for hanging it from a hook?

Is that little strip of fabric really going to keep this heavy winter jacket elevated all day? What about for a month? 

How deep is this loop attached? Is it a safer bet to hang my jacket by its hood? Or would that then damage the hood?

How do they test these things? Is there some sort of national regulatory body that oversees the manufacturing? 

What keeps companies from throwing on a flimsy coat loop and calling it a day? Is there somewhere to report incidents of fallen jackets due to ripped coat loops? A website perhaps?

Do companies have a standardized coat loop that they install in all of their coats? Because it seems like a small jacket wouldn’t need quite as strong of a loop as an extra-large one. And a windbreaker certainly doesn’t need what a letterman’s jacket needs in terms of loop-durability. 

Is there a reason all coat loops are in the neck area? Has anyone experimented with putting them in the base of a coat? Maybe the butt region? Or on the outside of a coat somewhere? 


The truth is, the coat loop on my winter jacket just doesn’t inspire much confidence. That is really why I am here, asking these questions (to no one in particular). Frankly, I feel kind of insecure about the coat even as I’m typing this. It’s hanging up in my mud room… at least, that’s how I left it.

Well I don’t want to have to worry anymore!!

When I hang my coat at the beginning of the day I want to really be able to slam it home on that hook, without even a thought that the loop might not hold. I want to be able to throw my coat across a room, with gold bars in the pockets, and have it catch gently on a hook, coat loop unstressed by the precious heavy metals I happen to have with me that day.

I want coat loop overkill. A chain link type situation perhaps. Or a thick strip of bison leather. 

A company that advertised a luxury coat loop, which was both extremely durable and pleasing to the eye, would certainly get me interested. It could be a new quasi-hipstery trend, to have fancy, ridiculously strong coat loops. And it could even be DIY, if everyone started decking out their own coat loops…

Well. There it is. I guess I just answered my own question. Does anyone know a good guy for argyle bison leather?

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